Welcome to Coltsville National Historical Park

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Coltsville is the industrial neighborhood of 19th Century Industrialist Samuel Colt and his wife, Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt.

The property's principle sites were constructed between 1855 and 1896 by Samuel and Elizabeth.

Today Coltsville consists of the East Armory, the Worker Housing, "Potsdam" Worker Houses, the Church of the Good Shepherd, the Caldwell Hart Colt Memorial Parish House, Armsmear, Colt Park, Colt Gardener's Cottage, Colt Carriage House, and the Samuel Colt Monument. Each of these structures are historically preserved and played a role in the history of the Colt factory and family.

Samuel Colt and his successors pioneered the development of the revolver which had cultural, historical, and geographic impacts on the City of Hartford and the Nation.

As you walk though this historic district, take a moment to reflect on the influence Samuel and Elizabeth had, and how they forever changed the landscape of Hartford and the United States.

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Welcome to Coltsville National Historical Park!