Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt

  • <p>Photo Credit: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art </p>

Elizabeth Jarvis Hart was born in Saybrook, Connecticut on October 5th, 1826 to Reverend William Jarvis and Elizabeth Miller Hart. She was the eldest of nine children.

Not much is known about her early life but we do know that Elizabeth was raised in an affluent society and that she had deep personal connection to religion.

Elizabeth and Samuel Colt meet 1851 and on June 5th, 1856 they married. Elizabeth gave birth to five children, all of whom preceded her in death along with her husband.

Even through loss Elizabeth remained headfast and strong, dedicating her life to telling the story of her husband and family, and helping those around her.

She built memorials to Samuel and Caldwell, ordered the factory to be rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire, and was a patron of various organizations that worked towards the improvement of Hartford, workers and women.

In August of 1905, at the age of 78, Elizabeth passed as a result of paralysis. Elizabeth made it her mission in life to provide for those around her and to improve the welfare of the local community, which she continued to do so even after her death.

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