Walking Around Coltsville

<p>Photo Credit: Nick Caito </p> <p>The Colt Dome and the steeple of the Church of the Good Shepherd on a cloudy day.</p>
10 Stops

Welcome to Coltsville National Historical Park!

Coltsville NHP is in the final stages of completing the legislative requirements for moving from an "authorized" park to an "established" unit of the National Park Service.

While we are not an official park yet, we encourage you to walk around and visit the various locations within this future park. Learn about the significance of this site and the impact it had on the City of Hartford and the United States.

This walking tour starts at the East Armory Complex and continues to the Worker Houses, the Church of the Good Shepherd, the Caldwell Hart Colt Memorial Parish House, Armsmear, James B. Colt House, the Samuel Colt Monument, Colt Park, the Colt Gardener's Cottage and Colt Carriage House, and ends at the Potsdam Cottages.

This walking tour is just over 2 miles long.

As you take this self guided walking tour, please be respectful of those who now reside in these locations as many of them are now private residences.

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